rubber grommet

Bucket Drip System

Bucket Drip system was one of the old method where pumps, filters are not required.This is very simple system just…

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Advantages of solar energy

Every country is growing with Green environment that means using solar energy. I have come up to discuss some advantages…

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Buying guide for Irrigation system

Many wants to know what type components should they buy for their small garden irrigation. I have previously described about…

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Eco friendly Solar Panels

Solar Energy is the only way to save earth, resources also it is almost free and renewable energy. Using such…

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Save Water

Top 15 Tips to save Water from daily usage

Here are some of the tips I am describing to save the water for future use. 1. Don’t shower long…

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My chillie plants

I am describing about chilli plants, which I started from seed but didn’t succeed to grow chilies. Anyway I want…

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Tips to grow Eddo plants

Gardening has become a part of life and I like to continue in research and have been thought to post…

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Gongura Leaves

Growing Gongura using stems

Growing gongura has failed few times and have been trying to figure out the problem however, I found that most…

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Container Drip System

I am writing this because of many persons had asked about container water solutions.Most of them who travel from one…

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Win free irrigation kits

i was busy with some work so i am  unable to update the what i am offering is free…

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