How to install solar landscape lights

Solar landscape lights are common to solar garden lights, and solar street lights

Solar Energy is useful for everything including household items and companies and now in parks, landscaping gardens, function halls. Solar energy saves not only money, but also energy and time. If solar lights are properly installed, then they work for a long time. Landscaping lights are easier to install in any landscape designs since they come with all the things that we need, please choose the right lights to fit for your landscape and design. There are several types of landscape solar lights in the market, where we can choose the right one and some companies provide with a set of components that we need for landscape lightning.

1. Design your Landscape First

Make a design for your landscape and draw neatly wherever you need lights. Look at your landscape if there are any big trees, fat and note them in the design by measuring each of the plant or tree.

Landscape Design
Landscape Design – Source

2.  Assembling and installing the parts.

Most of the kits comes with ready made materials and instructions how to install and where to install everything. Please follow the products installation guide carefully because it will help avoid damage and time wasting.

Solar Octopus lights
Solar Octopus lights – Source

3. Powering solar led lights

After choosing the right products and installed in landscape, we need to power up them, for this reason some led lights comes with panel attached to every light, and some types comes with wiring method, just like our home lights in serial method. Using serial method it takes time for wiring and attaching hooks, even the cost might increase, but this will give some brilliant light for the landscape. Spotlights are useful for the trees, and shrubs because they are tall and illuminate powerful focus.

Solar Powering
Solar Powering led lights – Source

4. Placing the Solar Lights

Installing the solar lights are easy, they come with stakes please check the image below and place them in ground one by one wherever it is necessary. Look for the good place where they can stand for a long time, if you place in the mud, then the lights will fall in rainy season, so be sure to place at the correct place and level too.

solar spot lights
solar spot lights – Source

5. Right Solar light in perfect place

Keep the stakes solar lights at least 5 inches apart to each of them, light should be brighter and anyone can see from a distance. Follow your design, which you draught before the plan, and move ahead to place the solar lights in landscape. In the last please check in night to see if there is not enough bright light or not, if needed to adjustment, then please do it and don’t think later this will prevent to lack of desires and attractiveness of your scenery.

Solar Flamingo ball light
Solar Flamingo ball light – Source