Control water with 3 outlets

Water timers are of different types and we need to be learn about them in order to install for various purposes. This is one of the best ready made from Orbit Digital timer products which is quite good and the price is even low compared to the single outlet water timer.

From these three outlets, one is manual and the other two is programmable outlets. One can use the first by manually if you are at home or else use the other two which can be programmed by you. The first outlet is useful whenever their is no power or something goes wrong with the programmable outlets. The model is built in such a way that we can use without problems.

The right side outlets both are useful to flow for every 6 or 12 hours per day and different connections. If you want to Irrigate water in one line in morning and the other line in evening or whenever you wish, then this is the right product for you to buy. The product can be used for several purposes in agricultural, it even suitable for vegetable Gardening and Rose plants. One outlet can be connected to Rose plants and the other can be connected to the Vegetable plants.