Digital Water timer with dual outlet from Claber

This is one of the most interesting products from the previous water timer since this timer had two programmable outlets up-to three periods in a day for each. One can program to each outlet for the desired time 0 to 23 hours and 3 times once in day only.

Before buying this product, please read information below in order to understand or else then choose another product that satisfies to you.

If you want to program more than 6 times in a day for each outlet or both outlets then this is not the product for you. One cannot program more than 3 times per day on each outlet, so both outlets get 6 times per day programming for Irrigation.

The product has been made from ABS plastic material for the cover (housing). This will avoid the timer from damage, and it is very lightweight for carrying or shipping. In cold seasons if it starts freezing, then remove it and store in indoors. This timer works from the starting of operating pressure 7.3 psi to 145 psi, thus it gives for a low pressure as well.


The product is operated with 9 volt alkaline battery, which is not included in the pack, buy a good alkaline battery either rechargeable or battery and place it into the box. Just press the side buttons and you will see the place for alkaline battery. Make sure their should not be any shortage to the terminals or anywhere, whenever placing or removing the battery.


This product waters the area into two parts, one can connect to each hose in other direction and able to program for that hose.

3 programs per day for each outlet from 1 minute to the 23 hours

Programs can affect for weekly, both lines separately.

Programs are displayed on the large LCD screen.

Pressure of the timer can be operated at 7.3 psi to 145psi

Best solenoid valve for longer duration.

Valves has been designed without gears or lock up.

9 volt alkaline battery required.

2 year warranty from the company.