Subsurface drip irrigation for corn

Have you ever wondered to put Drip Irrigation for Corn Plants? This video will teach everything about Sub surface drip…

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How to install an overhead sprinkler system

Most of the people are confused with Sprinklers and Drip Irrigation, here in this video it is clearly explained about…

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Revolutionary Irrigation System Saves 20% More Water than Drip Irrigation

John from growing your greens is at the National Heirloom expo and discovers a revolutionary irrigation system that saves 20%…

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How to setup Drip Irrigation in Simple Steps

The video tells about simple steps and for a beginner in installing of Drip Irrigation. I would suggest to exempt…

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How to use Terracotta self watering spikes

This is an video guide showing you how to use Terracotta self watering spikes. sourceĀ 

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Self Watering Probes

Don’t Make Silly Mistakes Yourself with watering probes

Just watch this video for avoiding Mistakes Yourself with watering probes Water probes are the most effective way of watering…


Why Nobody Cares About drip irrigation vs soaker hoses

Have you ever wonder that you make your life using Drip Irrigation instead of soaker hoses. View this video and…

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How to Avoid Mistakes in Drip Irrigation

The Video and Tutorial will teach you a perfect lesson in order avoid mistakes in Drip Irrigation installing or after…

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How To install A Drip Irrigation System

Drip irrigation is one of the most efficient ways to deliver water to the plants in your landscape. In this…

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How to Install Drip Irrigation for Garden

Reliable irrigating is the key to a powerful garden! Here’s how to set up a water preserving DIG drop watering/irrigation…

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