Solar Powered Water pump

In these days Solar is the only way to conserve energy and make eco friendly world. Using Solar energy we can run anything whenever we require, even in the night by backup energy from batteries. Solar water pumps are used for gardens and in pools, better they can be used in water fountains, but most use for garden plants.


This item works perfect and has been still using in my Garden. If you ever need any help please post in comment section.
The Item details are listed as below:
Solar battery 7volts, 140MA
Solar panel consumption 7volts 1.12w
Solar panel size 11cm square apprx
Life time of Item: over 10000 hrs
Maximum water height 45Cms
Brushless pump power consumption £º7V 160mA

Package comes with fully instruction and a set of fountain pool water pump with solar panel.

Inert the pump in water just like in an air cooler pump and the water height should be least to the top of height of nozzle. Place the solar panel nearby where we get sunlight directly to the panel.
Once you fixed all these things tightly switch the pump to flow water.