solar water heater

Are Solar Water Heaters a Cost Effective Alternative to Traditional Ones?

As a homeowner, when something breaks or stops functioning properly in your home, it is on your proverbial shoulders to…

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Backyard garden

The Basics of Backyard Composting

Composting is a great way to create free, nutrient rich fertilizer for your garden while also reducing the amount of…

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kitchen cabinet

3 ways to keep flowers healthy during winter in Apartments

Wintering flowers seems to be getting easier in a house. The farmer will still find where to place them. There…

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Bugs on Plants

What You Need To Do To Get The Perfect Garden

I know, the topic is in fact huge. Here I’m going to give a quick summary of some really useful…

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Palm Tree

How To Grow a Healthy Palm Tree

Palm trees are often associated with the tropics. Images of banana bearing trees come readily to mind, swaying in the…

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