Top 5 Digital Water Timers

Digital Water Timers is the essential product for Irrigation and watering to the plants of any sort either the Garden or Landscape. People often searching for the best product that suitable for them. Here are my favorite Top 5 Digital Timers that are available in the store.

1.Complete Watering Yard kit from Orbit Company

The Kit completely offers your Hose facet into 4 station watering yard. The Digital timer has 4 outlets with different channels at different time zones according to the program we do. This is totally different compare to the 2 station timers because we are able to program with different zones and time sets. If you water your yard in 4 different directions with different time zones, then this is the product you have to use it.


Features of this Digital timer (Orbit 58772N)

1. 4 station Sprinkler system for yard

2. Program is often done easily.

3. Easily installable anywhere without digging soil.

4. Hose Faucets are easily connectable.

5. 2 AA batteries required that are not included with this product.

2. One Dial Hose timer with single outlet

One Dial Hose timer
One Dial Hose timer

This is really simple timer with an outlet and inlet for spraying water in the garden or landscape, yard. The product is quite easy to program or install in Garden, landscape, etc. There is a large LCD display for viewing from long distance. 2 AA Alkaline batteries needed, one year on site warranty. The programs often done easily with manually or auto, interruption included.

3. Hydrofarm TM01715D

This is just as timer TM 619, but with some different feature. The timer does not have Hose connectors or anything except the programmable device. The product is useful in several ways to rain the lawn.

key features:

Upto 8 on or of switch with program.

Built in battery backup even after power failure.

LCD digital display battery backup dual outlet feature

Timers of such type are suitable for Hydroponic garden system as well.

It comes in 15 amperes, 120 volts and ‘1725 wattage.


4. Rain Bird Hose Timer

It is simple to set up programs for lawn or garden.

Easy to install and Hose fittings too.


5. Toro 53805 Lawn Master

Built in automated program system, 3 independent watering program, and each program has up to 3 starter times. time ranging from 1 minute to 6 hours.

able to program up to a year (365 days) with 7 days and 24 hours.

Suitable for garden, drip irrigation, sprinkler and lawn.

Three modes of operation manual, automatic program, manual station.

Built in battery backup with stores program. ( 9 volts battery needed)