How to grow toor dal

Toor Dal

Toor dal is a special for everyone and for Indians it is necessary item everyday.Since toor daal is very tasty and had many types colors too.The colors are red yellow the red one is very small but not called toor dal.Ill describe how i am planted toor dal.

Parts of drip irrigation part 2

spray upwards jet

I am going to show some of the products that are being used in drip irrigation system.I earlier described about them but didn’t shown anything A system depends upon the plant that should be watered some may use emitters where water is required less but in most cases spray jets and 5 mm take offs… Continue reading Parts of drip irrigation part 2

Orbit Digital water timer for garden and lawn

Orbit Digital Water Timer

Orbit company has developed many solenoid valves controllers and this is one of from them. The part orbit 91213 one dial timer which connects for every day once it setup. The product has a large LCD display so it can be easily visible to everyone. This orbit garden hose can easily able to program and… Continue reading Orbit Digital water timer for garden and lawn