Choosing plants for the home

Before you buy a houseplant it makes sense to think about the questions below. What is the role he would play in the house: the role of a pet or the role of interior decoration. If the former, you will be enough skill to grow this plant if you can build him the conditions for normal development. If the plant is assigned the role of decoration, and then treat him to as a bouquet of cut flowers: well, if longer remain decorative, but then do not complain that it dead or pretended to be dead.

There are several species that are very difficult to grow at home because of his inability to create the necessary conditions, but it is so decorative, which are popular with buyers. Such, for example, many heath (including a rather famous azalea), poinsettia (Christmas star), Gloxinia (sinningiya), cyclamen, hyacinth, and even miniature roses room. For example, the poinsettia is in itself capricious, plus she needs to blossom is very short daylight hours, with a burning torch under the window at night is enough to make it blossom. To achieve such an effect can only be carefully hiding from the light plant most of the day. Heather needs and humidity (and where to pick it up in our dry rooms), and the cold period of rest, and lack of drafts. Rosettes could live in a room, and will live, if they do not eat the mite, which is simply indifferent to them, and if they do not buy roses, and grow their own (for example, from seeds or from cuttings).

Purchased grown in a greenhouse with optimal conditions for them, and to change the terms of the best to worst for them – a very strong stress. Gloxinia, like any subtropical plant needs to be dormant (it should gradually reduce watering, helping her to fall into this period of rest, and reduce the temperature – too hard to do at home with central heating). That is, you can even know that a plant need to exist offshore company offshore company, but are not able to fulfill its requirements. In addition to these plants, there are other plants better adapted to indoor conditions, but among them must be able to choose the ones that you can create the right conditions.