Twelve station timer for sprinkler system

Orbit water master technologies had made twelve station water timer for easy watering to the plants and it even controlled by the remote control.This has built for easy user interface and programing too with bright back-light display.This device can be used in indoor activity since it cannot reach far places.”It displays in multi language English, Spanish, German,and Italian.

sprinkler timer
sprinkler timer

This device allows to operate or individual ( upto 300 ) and it is good for adjusting heads of sprinklers. even repairs or for extra watering on the time.This is totally built in wireless and can be operated without wires or hooks.This comes with two easy programs and can be used for adjustment.Select the desired program for the which you need to water either days of week or odd days or even intervals upto 10 times in a can adjust even 0-240 minutes This can be even setup in days of week .It is more user friendly.large buttons and easy to read with back-light display

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