Retrofitting Green Pays for Itself

For homeowners, the home is the biggest investment one usually has. In today’s economy, hanging on to that investment and making the best of it is considered to be good practice. Rather than building a new home, many are looking to retrofit, or upgrade, their existing home, or to purchase fixer-uppers. For those who are… Continue reading Retrofitting Green Pays for Itself


What You Need To Do To Get The Perfect Garden

I know, the topic is in fact huge. Here I’m going to give a quick summary of some really useful tips to improve your garden experience. Some of the advice contained here requires time and labor-saving tools which are easy to source and yet so useful in getting the job done efficiently.


Which Grass is Best?


Which Grass is Best? The Ultimate Homeowner’s Guide to Making Your Yard Beautiful So, you’re wondering which grass to pick for your lawn. Aren’t we all? What’s the difference between grasses anyways? Don’t they all get the job done? The fact of the matter is not every grass was created equal. Looking for the best… Continue reading Which Grass is Best?