Automatic Lawn mower

Lawn mower is requirement for everyone but before buying everyone should know for their requirement and most of them looks for cheap one in this world.Any way this lawn mower is for less price only and it will save a lot of time so you can spend the time with other works.You can even sleep while your lawn mower bot will do all the work whatever you have to be done.

This robomow RL 850 is an automatic lawn mower with innovative design that works automatically whenever we needed.This robomow is powered by the 24 volt battery operated and the size of robomow is 53 centimeters,21 inches in mulch or mulching system.Their are three blades which can spin around 5800 RPM.This is double in speed rather than gas mower and travels across  covering up-to 10800 square foot on  once it charged.This robomow can be easily set for cutting the grass 1.75 inches to 3.25 inch with high-cut blades and 1.0-2.5 inch cut with low-cut blades.


The old models of lawn cars that pollute as much as in just one hour unlike this Robomow keep the lawn clean and great without sacrificing the environment.This mower cuts with fine clippings and disperses cutting over the ground.This clippings can decompose and release valuable nutrients,water into the soil.Thus the Robomower helps for growing grass and also keeps healthier root system and increases lawn resistance and it reduces the amount of water that our lawn needs and as much as it saves up-to 85%.


This mower comes with a user controlled theft protection system from unauthorized use and also child locks since this can be harmful for children’s.There are sensors obstructions,to avoid from like trees,rocks and others with quiet operation without disturbing relatives or someone.This Robomower is ROHS compliant measures 26.0 x 12.5 x 35.0 width height, and depth.this weighs around 50 pounds and comes with Two year warranty.