How to grow toor dal

Toor dal is a special for everyone and for Indians it is necessary item everyday.Since toor daal is very tasty and had many types colors too.The colors are red yellow the red one is very small but not called toor dal.Ill describe how i am planted toor dal.

I have used Toor dal seeds which have dried on the plant earlier since here we can get from some one relatives or from seeds shops.I have just placed them on the Red soil in a pot.I watered only once in a day and it is small amount.After 3 days they started to show some germinating

Toor Dal
Toor Dal

Out of four seeds two have been germinated fast and the third one still under process plus the fourth one is destroyed.I cannot understand why did they have not germinated once all.I may try next time in i am planning to move this plants into directly soil so they can grow good.since this plants grow an height of 10 years child.I am planning to use drip irrigation for this toor dal plants since they may grow like a big plant.

This is not good for growing on terrace or organic planting just like we do small vegetables.However if you want to try then do it and it is not mandatory for seeking someone advice. I have did in past in the backyard of our hose but i never thought that i would be sharing the content with others or else i would posted images here.

using this peas:This peas are used for food and even can store for long time.They can be boiled in water and used to eat like soya beans.When they are on plant they give very tasty.They contain high levels of proteins and amino acids,methonine and tryptophan.

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