Hydroponics Farming Guide

Growing plants in serial using Hydroponics – Source

Introduction of Hydroponics : You will be learning in this guide of basic Hydroponics, resources, and its functionality that used with newest Technological innovation. In Hydroponics a person can grow anything without soil or sun, since these uses most advanced technology and these days solar lighting is used to grow many vegetables.

Hydroponics at QO, Sparklerweg
Hydroponics at QO, Sparklerweg – Source
Greenhouse Garden
Greenhouse Garden – Source

The purpose of Hydroponics continues to grow vegetation using nutrient vitamin alternatives without soil that is also known as as ‘Hydroculture. In these Contemporary days we see Hydroponics is the best solution for increasing vegetables and people too made a decision for using Hydroponics.

Green City Growers
Green City Growers – Source
Hydroponic plants in top
Hydroponic plants in top – Source

Types of Hydroponics

There are six kinds of Hydroponic techniques that can be used to grow vegetation and each technique had different type of growing plants using water and Lights.

  1. Wick System.
  2. Aeroponics
  3. Drip System
  4. Nutrient film technique
  5. Deep Water Culture
  6. EBB and Flow system
  7. Mist Maker 5 cellules
    Mist Maker 5 cellules – Source

Hydroponic Farming System Process :

Hydroponics is a method of growing plants in water where nutrient solutions are used without soil. Hydroponic System does not use soil or manure or compost as they use perlite, rockwool, clay pellets, peat moss, or vermiculite. In this Hydroponics plants take water, food, nutrient solutions, from water, but in soil we see nutrients will be supplied outside and inside of the soil

Hydroponics at Sparkleweg
Hydroponics at Sparkleweg – Source

Supply of Water in Hydroponics: water is supplied directly to the origins of plants and the roots always stay under water.

Supply of Oxygen In Hydroponics plants get oxygen from water whereas in organic process we see Oxygen is in soil.

Supply of Nutrients : Nutrients will be included in normal water and straight provided to the roots of plant.

Hydroponic Nutrients
Hydroponic Nutrients – Source

Plant root system support ” In most cases and all the time plastic ready made or gravel type used to keep plants in them so the roots will be touching to the water.

Hydroponic Planting Mesh Net Flower Pot Baskets
Hydroponic Planting Mesh Net Flower Pot Baskets – source
Basic Hydroponic System
Basic Hydroponic System – Source
Wheatgrass in Hydroponics
Wheatgrass in Hydroponics – Source

Hydroponic farming cost :

The price of Hydroponic Expenses relies upon upon the place and worker fee, item prices, so no one can determine, but can anticipate estimated value by analyzing.

For small home Hydroponic farming costs low price for around 100 plants, but if you want to develop more vegetation, then you need Greenhouse with Workers to nourish everything promptly.

The cost in India would be less in most villages as we find most space is empty.

Hydroponics at QO, Sparklerweg
Hydroponics at QO, Sparklerweg – Source

Generally Coaching would be the best for a grower because everything can be trained from instructors as they would guide everything including material on time frame basis. If you can’t discover Coaching educational institutions in your place try to achieve close by Town and take programs as it consumes only few days. If that also not possible try online consultation or post in our forums so you can get help from other users those who are using Hydroponics.

NFT (Nutrient Film Technique)
NFT (Nutrient Film Technique) – Source

Advantages and disadvantages of Hydroponic Farming

There are a lot of pros and cons using Hydroponic program because anyone should have to know the assistance and revenue or failures can come to them.

Advantages of using Hydroponics

  1. Hydroponics plants is fully grown in water without soil so there is no need to plant or remove anything afterwards grown. It’s easier to clean the place without laborers.
  2. Hydroponic plants can be grown in small places like bedroom, nearer to bathroom or in Greenhouses.
  3. Money can be saved using Hydroponics comparing to normal plants that are grown in soil or manure.
  4. Fully under Climate control, as the plants are totally under room temperature as they don’t need sunlight because grown under lights. The yield must be more than 90% in growing anything with Hydroponics.
  5. Hydroponics is stress relieving because we don’t need to replant or use different soils from time to time as normal plants grown in pots. Plants are grown faster, sooner compared to normal plants that grown in manure or soil where we get plenty of stress.

Disadvantages of using Hydroponics

  1. Disease can come to all plants once at a time also the home will become bad if you are growing inside the home.
  2. Investing in Hydroponics might be risk if you don’t have knowledge in them. It is long-term financial commitment not brief conditions like in comparison to other vegetation.
  3. Hydroponic plants require our attention to them from time to time else they will die all at a time.
  4. You must have expertise before growing in Greenhouses or in bulk else you will be under reduction.
  5. Hydroponics uses Light and water that are connected to power supply so it should be secure with backup-power. If their is no power or back-up power, thenĀ  all plants will die in one day.
    For examining Hydroponics you require atleast $100 that could not give you benefit, but a session can be trained.
Hydropnic Farm
Hydropnic Farm – Source

I would suggest using Hydroponics rather than escalating in fertilizer or ground as this will help to you in making money. In the start try to grow less plants and then make into lots of crops that could decrease your stress.