Top 8 Solar Power Generators

Solar Power energy is the best energy anywhere in the world. We all are getting more problems from the fuel, power due to the population increment.  These are top 10 Solar power Generators for the future use.

1. 600 watt Solar Power Generator

Larsen Electronics offers 600 watts Solar Power Generator  that built in USA. This solar power generator comes with compressor, two 265AH  8D Gel Batteries along with 295 watt Solar Panels. This Solar Power plant offers for removing  tongue and axies to easy carry and place where it requires. The product features are listed below:

larsen 600w solar power
larsen 600w solar power

Larsen Solar power generator – Source

This Solar Power Generator is ideally built for Low voltage LED Lights. Comparing with Diesel power Generator Unit costs nearly $6000 a month, but from this Solar powered Generator the system runs it itself and the price of investment will also turn into profits in the electricity bills.

1. Product Dimensions 60*40*48Inches

2. Assembled Height  48 Inches

Assembled Length   60 Inches

Power Source Air Powered

Wattage  600 Watts.

2. 3500 watt Solar Powered Generator with VSP

The VSP-225AH would supply power upto 3500 Watt for house-hold.

The Solar power Generator comes with 200watt Solar charger.

The product is excellent for an alternative to Diesel, Kerosene, Petrol Generators.

This is also useful for outdoor activities and operates a wide variety for electrical and Electronical Appliancies.

The price is around $3500 with shipping charges.

3500 watt solar power generator
3500 watt solar power generator

3500 watt Solar Power Generator – Source

3.Wagan EL 2547 Solar Power Cube 1500 Plus

500 Watts continuously supply to the devices, with 3600 watts peak surge.

Two 115 volts AC outlets

Two 12 volts outlets for powering DC

Two USB power ports with (2.1 amps)

Easy to carry anywhere when travelling and can accommodate for camping.

Digital LED Battery charging status Indicator.

wagan solar power
wagan solar power


Wagan Solar Power Generator – Source

4. 5000 Watt Solar Power Generator with 200AH supply

Two 100 watts Solar Panels

Upto 5000 watts Solar Generator

30amp for fast charging.

Rugged and Portable Case


5000 watts Solar Power Generator – Source

5. 12 Kilowatt Maximum output 120/240 watts AC

This Solar Powered Generator offers 120 to 240V AC

12KW Solar powered Generator

This unit also offers 12v Dc 12KW with constant output.

6.8KW for four hours

4.5 KW for 8 Hours.

12Volt DC LED Lighting

Can be useful for electronic accessories and electrical products.

This is quite and no noise or fumes.

larsen electronics
larsen electronics

Larsen Electronics Solar Powered Generator 120/240 watts AC – Source

6. Yeti 250 Watt Solar Power Generator

This Yati solar power generator comes with simple carry case and generate electricity where it required.

1. Silent Power Generator

2. Rated for Continous Duty

3. Works for Refrigerators, Laptops and other electronic Appliancies.

4. Simple to use and maintain the performance.

5. Safe to operate indoors or outdoors.

7. 1800 Watt Solar Power Generator

This is suitable for small homes or cabins in offices, shops. In home we can run Tv, Refrigerator 20 TV, Emergency Light.

This Home Solar Generator can be upgradable for the option of adding upto 3 additional Solar Panelsand two more batteries.

Warrant for 2 years on the power hub and 25 years for the Solar Panel.1 year for Batteries.

1800 Watt Solar Generator Complete – Source

8. 480 Watts of Solar

Go power solar power generator Complete System with 480 watts

Completely Green power Solution for Homes.

Run TV, AC, and other appliancies without the noise of Generator.

No maintainence, no fuel, no noise completely hassle free.

480 Watts of Solar
480 Watts of Solar