4 in 1 Instrument PH Soil Tester

4 in 1 (PH Value + Temperature + Moisture + Sunlight Tester) Plant Soil Survey Instrument

This Product is very useful for evey gardener as it helps to prevent from the PH nd sunlight etc. Plants always grow in neat condition when you test with this instrument. make sure every gardener should have one in their home.

PH Tester
PH Tester

1. 4 in 1 ground study device can test wetness of ground, PH value, heat range and atmosphere sunshine strength using a sensor / probe with the duration of 200mm. The unit can easily show various numbers with oversize LCD.

2. Suitable and important tool for gardeners, fruit and vegetable growers, and all those who plant trees and grass. You can take proper growth of your plants.

3. The product also has low battery signal and auto power off function. It is not wasting time, energy, of best quality. The product guarantee quality of plants and low herbage growing and garden greenish.

4. Analyze objects: sunshine,moisture ,PH value ,temperature

5. Analyze Range :

ph tester and temp
ph tester and temp

Sunlight (9 levels): LOW-,LOW,LOW+,NOR-,NOR,NOR+,HGH-,HGH,HGH+

-Moisture ( 5 levels): DRY+,DRY,NOR,WET.WET+

-PH value(12 levels): 3.5-9.0 (DISPLAY RESOLUTION 0.5)

-Soil temperature: -9┃–+50┃16┉-122┉display resolution 1┃ïŒ1┉

6. Materials Stainless steel, Genuine plastic, electronic compnents.

7. For indoor, outdoor plants, landscapes lawn.

8. Simply place the gauge into the ground, change to the establishing you want to evaluate and study the range.

9. working temperature: +5┃ — +40┃

10. Power supply: 1x 6F22/9V battery (included)

11. Automated off: the device will be off automatically if there’s no activity within 5 minutes

12. Backlight function: it will be automatically off within 90 secoonds.