Top 30 Advantages of Drip Irrigation

Drip Irrigation is one of the important things for human life to save water, money, time and pollution. Drip irrigation helps in several ways for gardeners and farmers to conserve water, money time too. Many farmers who hasn’t converted their sad life to happy life by getting into the Drip irrigation.

drip irrigation for squash
drip irrigation for squash – Source

Drip Irrigation is targeted for growing crops in large acres of farms, and in small scale too like Gardens, but using in farms it would be more profitable as opposed to the original investment. Some of the key benefits of using Drip Irrigation are as follows.

Straight Drip Lines
Straight Drip Lines

Top 30 Advantages of Drip Irrigation

1. Using Drip Irrigation Laborer costs also reduces.

2. Decrease in water costs because it saves a lot of water by dripping exactly at the plant.

3. Decrease in power costs too, Solar energy reduces total costs.

Solar Irrigation
Solar Irrigation – Source

4. Decrease in Fertilizer costs.

5. Decrease in Pesticide costs.

6. Water is saved, by sending water through lateral pipelines.

7. water can be provided on dry or wet ground according to the ground need.

8. Time and money is saved using Drip Irrigation Technologies.

9. Crops can be grown on any soil where there is no water at all from long time.

10. Water can be provided to every place even it is far to each plant.

11. Water is used to maximum level for the plants.

12. Fertilizers are too can be used without merging it in the ground water.

13. Plants are grown to most of levels even without rainfall.

14. Nutrient solutions are too used to deliver for every plant.

15. Seed germination will process fast without ruining the seed.

16. Mud water too used by drip filtration.

17. significantly less number of weed are grown for a factor of drip Irrigation.

18. There is no wastage of fertilizers as it is sent instantly to the plant without leaking anywhere.

19. Water can be sent to the plants even when there is no power or energy, by connecting them to roof tanks.

Drip Irrigation Tank
Drip Irrigation Tank – Source

20. Water can be Irrigated even in the infrequent forms of area and plants.

Drip Irrigation In Irregular Shapes
Drip Irrigation In Irregular Shapes – Source

21. Water can be Irrigated even when we are out of the station.

22. Water can be Irrigated automatically using Water Timer.

23. Revenue always increases according to the investment on the right crop.

24. Drip Irrigation lateral pipe is reused for another cultivation.

25. Damaged lateral pipe can be re-sold in the market.

26. Every drop of water is directly sent to the plant.

27. No worries about the failure of the crop.

Crop Success
Crop Success – Source

28. Hassle free and spend the time with family and even on vacation using remote Irrigation system.

29. Multiple Farms can be controlled by single click and from long distances also.

30.Eco friendly irrigation for the plants cultivation.