Drip Irrigation Design Software

Designing for Drip Irrigation system is the best suggestion to make easier place for drip lines and control the flow of water. Torro’s Company offer a free software (Aquaflow 4.0) for designing Irrigation systems with ease methods. Using this Software any person able to design the drip irrigation system automatically and can be maintained with hassle free.

There are two ways to design the system using this software, or online by registering an account with Torros company and the second way is to install the software in our PC, laptops. If you want to use online without installing any software just click the link and register an account with them.

Aquaflow 4.0 online

Aquaflow 4.0 Download and requires minimum .net framework 4

The Features of the Aquaflow Software:

1. Aquaflow Software has two ways to create Drip Irrigation designs by online and offline.

2. A welcome screen that shows as user-friendly that formats to multiple font sizes and screens.

3. The Design Software includes Lateral functions, submains, laterals, flushing and main lines.

4. There comes with a report several laterals per block, many laterals quantity, mainlines, submains including travel time for Irrigating crops.

5. There are lots of menus, formulas that allow simple to create projects of customers. Some options come privately, so you need to ask to torro enable those options to draw better Irrigation system. For this thing mail them directly.

6. Chart compares Distance VS Velocity.

7. Project size and all acreage of all blocks in project report.

8. Multiple Slopes can be entered for submains, laterals, and main lines.

9. Designs may be easily saved, exported, imported and printed on paper too.

10. English and Spanish languages are available at the moment to choose also metric or standard units.

The Torro company made this Irricad software simple to use with a collection of diagrams in the database. The database comes with Drip Irrigation products, Neptune flat Emitter, drip line, blue line much more.

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