Palm Tree

How To Grow a Healthy Palm Tree

Palm trees are often associated with the tropics. Images of banana bearing trees come readily to mind, swaying in the…

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Bamboo Plant

How To Take Care For Bamboo Plant

Bamboo makes for one of the more interesting houseplants. It’s decorative, hardy and can spread like wildfire, so it makes…

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3D drip irrigation system process by KCGI

Drip irrigation system is a very cost-effective system for agriculture in India. Kraft Creation creates a 3D animation for explain…

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How to Install Drip Irrigation for Growing More Veggies,

Installing a drip irrigation system is quick and easy and gives your garden the consistent water it needs to grow…

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Converting Sprinklers to Drip

Sustainable Landscaping: Converting a sprinkler zone to professional grade drip irrigation with landscape guru Russell Ackerman. Drip conversion is a…

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