Landscaping of gardens, yards in different ways

As for any other activity, and for landscaping gardens, the order and the way of implementation are extremely important. Proper landscaping of the yard could save you a lot of nerves and resources, and also will result in you having a beautiful garden. Here we offer our concept of the order and the stages of landscaping of yards and gardens.


Everything starts with the studies – clarifying – the climate, the luminosity of the various sections, the constant winds, the characteristics of the soils, the groundwater, the water sources, etc. The existing vegetation and terrain are captured.


In designing, we have to solve many issues related to landscaping of the yard and the garden – what kind of landscaping do you want, the distribution of functional areas, the alley network, the structure and species composition of the vegetation, what kind of garden elements do you want?

Draining, strengthening and vertical planning

The start of the yard landscaping work is consistent with gardening activities. It is good to start immediately after finishing the heavy and machine-building works in the green areas. Although there may be a conflict between the two activities, we offer this in view of the shorter landscaping times. Drains, boreholes and retaining walls are first built. If you have foreseen a irrigation system, and this is definitely the right choice, you have to lay the highway pipes and leave the drains to the shafts with valves.


Now comes the alley network. Do not forget under the paths to put the so-called siege pipes through which later cables or other pipes can pass. If you are going to block the access to some area of the yard, it is better to clean and store humus soil beforehand or leave some of the paths not built. Now, taking into account the levels obtained from the alleys, spread out a layer of soil that you have prepared beforehand.

Landscaping with decorative vegetation

This stage of landscaping gives the look of the gardens. Planting of ornamental plants is important both for the species and phytosanitary status of the green areas. It is good to get up early in the spring or autumn, but when plants are planted or stored in containers this can be calm during the summer, and some colleagues do it successfully even in the winter / I personally think that the efforts are not worthwhile / Planting and subsequent care and maintenance are important to the capture and well – being of plants.

Construction of irrigation system

It is done once all levels have been given and the vegetation has been planted. Sprinklers should be exactly at the

Sprinkler Irrigation
Sprinkler Irrigation


ground level and be consistent with the plants to ensure a uniform irrigation coverage of lawns / plants not placed directly in front of sprinklers /. The garden areas are watered with drip irrigation. Having an irrigation system is not a luxury but a  necessity.


This is the last stage in landscaping gardens. Appropriate grassing time is from March to November inclusive.

Maintenance of gardens and yards.

Once the landscaping of the garden is over, it comes to the care of it. Maintenance of green areas is a complex of care that takes place during each growing season. Remember that once we plant the garden without maintenance it will lose its beauty.

Landscaping gardens is a responsible process involving many activities. I wish you good luck. Take a look at one example how to make mid century landscape design.