Eco friendly Solar Panels

Solar Energy is the only way to save earth, resources also it is almost free and renewable energy. Using such resources will be good, even cut offs our bills. There are more types of solar powered items such water heater fans, tube’s and many more to reduce our energy bills and money.

Solar energy can be used in night so thus we can get 24 hours. But do you believe how this will give 24 hours when there is no sunlight.

The answer is yes and there is a rechargeable battery which can provide power in the night and it doesn’t send the power back to solar panel since the diodes are connected in a way such it should charge, but not discharge through the solar panel.

The Solar panel can be even used in cars, farms especially for solar Irrigation in agriculture.

If you are buying a Solar panel, then you should think first what type of you need and what purpose it also avoids for buying second panel. Most solar panels are coming with the kits so I suggest buy a kit and install in your house or farm, industry.