Top 15 Tips to save Water from daily usage

Here are some of the tips I am describing to save the water for future use.

Save Water
Save Water

1. Don’t shower long time and even use a bucket of water to do instead from directly tap.

2. Find the leaks of your water pipe and make fix if there are any leaks.

3. Wash vegetables in a basin of water instead from tap water.

4. Close the tap before or after filling the pots or tanks.

5. Use an automatic turn on and off for top water tankers in order to avoid overflow from the tank.

6. Don’t turn on before washing your hands, make sure you use water from mug or bucket.

7. Don’t wash the utensils under the tap water.

8. Use Drip system for plants to save water that flows outside the plant.

9. Never throw the drinking water and use this to wash your face or fruits.

10. Use foam to clean the House instead of directly flowing the water on the floor.

11. Collect the water that you use to clean the clothes and fruits in order to use them for your plants.

12. Harvest the Rain water at your house

13. Close the lids of tanks specially roof tanks to avoid dry from the sun.

14. Rinse all the clothes or utensils in one tub land reuse the water for your plants.

15. Always use the water bottles to fill the water from tank while traveling and don’t let the water to run from tank for your thirsty.