Buying guide for Irrigation system

Many wants to know what type components should they buy for their small garden irrigation. I have previously described about components, but now I am telling what type of components you need for small or large garden. Most of them have been wondered how do we connect or use this drip irrigation system?

Drip Irrigation is very important to save environment from water shortage, most of them in rural areas are wasting the water from the taps. Sprinklers are the other end to save and conserve the water, but they are not suitable for small gardens and even needs more pressure.

Here I am going to tell you few easy DIY method since it is easy to install such systems, but many don’t get the system components from stores as they are not available as they don’t sell well in the market.

1. What components shall we needed.

2.Do I need a laborer to install this system?

3.Do i need a garden kit or can I buy parts?

4.Are their any tutorials available when buying components or kits?


1.What components shall we needed?

The solution is simple and you can buy components from our store since we have arranged every component should be manufactured by us ass for the gardener needs. For a container, vegetable, flower gardens are can be used drip system. They need one by one drop to keep the root system wet. For this type of gardening you need 12mm lateral pipe

Drip Emitters = number of plants

Punch which can be used for making holes in the lateral pipe for emitters.

Goof plugs are used when you want to stop water from these Emitters. you can buy a pack of 100 nos from our store.

!2mm stakes which are used to support this lateral pipe to stand on it and it even helps for damaging or the plant getting damaged.

Connectors such joiner T, L, Endcap are used as far as they needed wherever just buy only 10 nos of these components.

Taps or solenoid valves are useful if you are a traveler, then I recommend solenoid valves with remote systems for your garden.

2.Do i need  a laborer to install this system?

No you won’t need laborer to install such systems and they can be easily installed by you since everything is just connecting and no such hard materials are not going to be used.

3.Do i need a garden kit or can i buy parts ?

Answer is better to buy a garden kit as for your requirements since you get all components in one packet and if you have some components, then you can buy parts as they are suitable for your needs.

4.Are their any tutorials available when buying components or kits?

Most of them are providing tutorials like videos from CD. For installing this drip irrigation system, but I suggest you can post in our forum if you have any questions regarding this. We are looking to upload our tutorials soon for you all and they can surely will help to you.