Uses of vinegar for gardening

Vinegar is one of the powerful medicine for plants which helping grow continuously. Vinegar work for many purposes like in the kitchen, plants, animals, cars, toys and in the bathroom.

Vinegar is important to have with every gardener or else he/she must face problems with weeds, insects. Vinegar can help in removing unwanted grass. Make sure pour more vinegar so that it can be removed easily.


Weeds are another problem that will bring to the death of plant. Spray vinegar daily until the plants have starved from weeds.

Soil Acidity increasing:
Most plants love to drink water due to some conditions in some areas soil are dried up. In this situation use a cup of vinegar with a gallon (4 litres) of water (tap water). The vinegar gives in the soil as iron for the plants to grow fast.
Freshening flowers: Freshen the flowers which are already cut from the plants since they dry up as the time passes. Using 2 table spoon of vinegar with quarter of water and 1 tablespoon of sugar will help to freshen the flowers. This can avoid for drying flowers very fast.
Most of houses and offices are using flower vase with beautiful flowers without vinegar, but If you use 2 table spoon of vinegar with 2 table spoon of sugar with quarter of warm water. Make sure the stems to get stems to dissolve in water up-to 4 inches. This will give even more some life for the flowers.
Removing lime from your hands after working in your garden just rinse your hands in vinegar in order to avoid flaking skin. Another thing before planting in a pot clean with vinegar to remove excessive of lime.
Vinegar can also be used in bathrooms for killing germs and bacteria.