Simple Hydroponic Drip System

Hydroponic systems are most commonly known as Top Drip systems in the world. These are used in Green houses where there is no requirement of sunlight or rain water. Every greenhouse made with drip system to avoid spoil of greenhouse also saves the dirt flooding on the floor. Here, I had bought some spare plastic dustbins from a known friend where they are manufacturing. In the market you can find plastic dustbins at cheap prices or else use Paint buckets. Its not mandatory to use something that we used.
Let’s start building Drip System:
First we need a small tank like reservoir and a pump which can send the water to plants using drip lines. The pump is placed inside the tub or tank (reservoir) or else if the pump is different which needs to be placed outside the reservoir. Please check your pump guidelines, but I recommend using small Air-cooler pumps which are usually placed directly inside tank. From the pump connect a Spaghatti Pipe up to the table and from their use Drip lateral pipe separately to each plant. Make sure each plant should get their nutrient solution. The table should be made in such a condition that all the waste nutrient solution should drop into the reservoir tank again. This feeding can be used as required by daily and 2 or 3 times per day according to the plant needs.
This Hydroponic Systems are easy to handle daily and they save our time money, water. Even you can use an automatic timer for 24*7 days connected or per month. This one don’t need to look or provide nutrients to the plants every day.
Parts requirement in order to build this simple hydroponic drip system:
1Plastic buckets or plastic dustbins as they were easy to drill holes for the wastage water.
A small Tank for placing the pump inside and able to collect at-least 50 litres of water.
Spaghetti pipe minimum 5 meteres.
Drip lateral pipe 12 mm and 16mm according to the distance and number of plants required.
Pump should have some pressure or else choose the bigger one which can provide water for more plants.
Timer: I recommend frontier weekly Timer.
PVC Pipe and their Parts such as elbow or T bend in order to build table also PVC cement should be bought for fixing.
Small quantity of perlite solution.
Some Coco coir bricks according to the number of plants.
Irrigation components such as Rubber grommet joiners, T bend.
Hacksaw blade, Drilling machine, Hammer, screw driver.