Bottle Irrigation Method

This video shows how to irrigate the plants when we are far or unable to water the plants. I am still in confuse from this method because never did such type of Irrigation. The guy says plants drink the water when they need or else the water will be safe in the bottle as it comes for few days.


While using Water spikes we faced to water the plants for few days because of the air and the water was unable to stop from overflowing. Continue reading “Bottle Irrigation Method”

Fake Water Spikes on Ebay, Amazon

These water spikes are bought from ebay india and Ive tested them, but really sucks the water and it even leaks from neck. The price for these six pieces are 350 INR that is around $5.5 and now they are not a worth at all. It really a waste of time and money from these ebayer, amazon sellers.. The length of each spike is 85 mm around, made from Poply propylene plastic. The threads are really a crappy that doesn’t even fits on some bottles. Continue reading “Fake Water Spikes on Ebay, Amazon”

Drip Irrigation Design Software

Designing for Drip Irrigation system is the best suggestion to make easier place for drip lines and control the flow of water. Torro’s Company offer a free software (Aquaflow 4.0) for designing Irrigation systems with ease methods. Using this Software any person able to design the drip irrigation system automatically and can be maintained with hassle free.

There are two ways to design the system using this software, or online by registering an account with Torros company and the second way is to install the software in our PC, laptops. If you want to use online without installing any software just click the link and register an account with them.

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Top 30 Advantages of Drip Irrigation

Drip Irrigation is one of the important things for human life to save water, money, time and pollution. Drip irrigation helps in several ways for gardeners and farmers to conserve water, money time too. Many farmers who hasn’t converted their sad life to happy life by getting into the Drip irrigation.

drip irrigation for squash
drip irrigation for squash – Source

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Top 10 Digital Water Timers for Irrigation

There are more digital water timers to discover in the market and most of them inquired me to which is the best one for their needs, for this purpose I am describing top 10 digital water timers that functions pertaining to longer duration according to the manufacturer quality.

1. Digital Solar powered Water Timer from Gardena

Gardena Company made solar water timer for gardeners and farmers as it is most Eco friendly with solar powered panel and batteries. PeopleĀ  often wish to lower your expenses and also period seeing that here is the best choice to obtain that timer. Continue reading “Top 10 Digital Water Timers for Irrigation”

Control water with 3 outlets

Water timers are of different types and we need to be learn about them in order to install for various purposes. This is one of the best ready made from Orbit Digital timer products which is quite good and the price is even low compared to the single outlet water timer.

From these three outlets, one is manual and the other two is programmable outlets. One can use the first by manually if you are at home or else use the other two which can be programmed by you. The first outlet is useful whenever their is no power or something goes wrong with the programmable outlets. The model is built in such a way that we can use without problems. Continue reading “Control water with 3 outlets”

how to grow chillies from seeds

Growing chillies is one top of the crop in the world.This can be grown anywhere in the world where their is huge sunlight.Chilli plants always needed more temperature to grow or even ripe the chillies so the better season is summer.some plants survive even for years but we need to protect from them rain,cold in the respective seasons. Continue reading “how to grow chillies from seeds”

Advantages of Drip Irrigation

Today it is more important than ever to use water resources smartly and to irrigate properly. Most of the farmers have changed their life by installing Drip Irrigation system, As it is helping a lot of different methods by saving their valuable time, money and energy. Today’s technology has gone into operating their farms through mobile phone and computer using network connection. One can switch on there pumps from anywhere so the plants can get water through Irrigation system. Continue reading “Advantages of Drip Irrigation”

How to make cheap water system for garden

Gardening has become for everyone habit in these days. Many People does not water the plants in garden carefully and they throw water as much as or sometimes without water so the plant should die.
A real gardener always maintains the plants and study about them.
Gardeners always needs to look for cheap things as gardening won’t bring much profit unless it is built for business. Continue reading “How to make cheap water system for garden”

Simple Hydroponic Drip System

Hydroponic systems are most commonly known as Top Drip systems in the world. These are used in Green houses where there is no requirement of sunlight or rain water. Every greenhouse made with drip system to avoid spoil of greenhouse also saves the dirt flooding on the floor. Here, I had bought some spare plastic dustbins from a known friend where they are manufacturing. In the market you can find plastic dustbins at cheap prices or else use Paint buckets. Its not mandatory to use something that we used. Continue reading “Simple Hydroponic Drip System”