Water overflow controller

Saving a drop of water will always help use in the future, but most of the world doesn’t care for the water and they use as they wishes, but this is wrong had to learn lesson. Overflow from tank has been always happening if didn’t put switch off the pump also we need to climb on the roof and look into the tank then make switch off. In the modern are there are some methods has come up like installing some sensors in the tank and measuring them through LEDS wherever we wish to see the level of water in tank. This has made in the modern days to save time and water.

At the present stage it has been developed to look over the tank by itself that, means the pump can on when the water in tank is low for a certain level we made and the pump will go off when the tank is full also so many had attached an extra alarm for knowing. This is one of the among product I am posting as it will be helpful for every home to avoid water overflow.

This water level instrument can also be used for some small purposes like high or low-level water indication in ground tank or in roof tank. It’s easy to modify the sensors of magnets. This indicator has been made in such a method it can be used for another purpose overhead tank of any size even 50 metres. Circuit board will start when the pump is on and switches off when the pump goes off as this just makes to test the water tank level. There is no harm or electric shocks for using as it is built with a transformer so no need to worry about these things. Do not buy products those who don’t provide transformers as they will give shock.


This type of electronic products will work more than 15 years if they use transformers or else will only last for 6 months or even low. This Water level indicator can be used with single three phase or any type of motor as it is built with DC power supply voltage.

This circuit just connected in parallel way and when it rings musical through the buzzer it indicates that we need to turn off the motor. In this days there is an automatic turn on or turn off the motor when there is no water or full water in tank. The connections are the same as it will be in serial method.