Gongura Seeds from plant

The Kenaf plant has been grown into 2 feets and started to get buds as the plant was still in 3 litres of jar.I have thought to move it into the bigger once but no time and have to take care.

Gongura Seeds
Gongura Seeds

One bud has been started to flowering, however flower looks in red colour. As it will take time to grow full flower. I planned to use Drip irrigation method for this Gongura plant since the soil is getting dried up as soon as fast once it watered. There are white insects which are spoiling the plant and they even can’t help grow into seeds nor leaves. These White flies can bring to the death of plant. Researching on the Internet using ROGOR and vinegar separately can help protect from this white insects, still I didnot bought anything, but will buy this week and look to clean the insects or else they will eat all the plants.

White flies can cause major problems to this small plants also they might grow like mosquitoes. Getting Gongura Seeds from plant was one of the hardest thing from this white flies but in the beginning I thought it is easy to get some seeds to give some one for free.

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