Parts of Drip irrigation system

Most people don’t know the basic parts for drip irrigation system so i am going to describe about them and how to use.Valves valves are of two types and they can be used for on / off water flow just like a switch for turning on light.

manual valves:This are just like our water taps which can be controlled by ourselves.This are for oldest technology since in this days automatic valves are using to save energy and water time etc.

Automatic valves:This are common in water purifier where you see how water stops automatically when the water is full in the jar.this types of valves are called solenoid valves.This are available in wide range as per the requirements to meet the human standards.This valves can be controlled by many circuits like robotic resources.It can even used for automatic watering on the time adjustment or it can be control through the wireless products too.

Design the area is requirement to save materials such as pipes just to now draw rough diagram and also see how many components needed for each line.Their are so many parts and this all are like just our water tap connections methods but in drip system we use like them hooks and can be reused later also it easy to remove connectors.

The main part is lateral pipe which comes in 12mm and 16mm but for small gardens i recommend 12 mm to be used and for farms irrigation 16mm in row and 12 mm in sub rows thus it easy to flow water inside this pipes.For flowing water inside this lateral pipe one can connect from Borewells or tanks even motor pumps.The parts we connect to this lateral pipes are mainly dripper,spray jets or 5mm lateral pipe through over the stake.

the following are some of productsJoiners,Lbend T bend,Goof plugs,Drippers,End cap

I will describe this parts how they can be used for drip irrigation in next part