10 ways to use solar energy around your home

1.Solar fencing for your home

Solar fencing around the home or building is today’s architecture. The fencing can protect from robbers in night and daytime. More over the fence can be easily build if the design has been done perfectly. It also protects from animals and dogs entering into your house. Solar fencing can also be used for garden, which is in front of our home and backyard.

Solar Power Fence
Solar Power Fence – Source

2.Solar Water heater

Solar water heater are mostly used in all nations as it helps you to save a lot of money and power too. Hot Water can be also useful in night for showering as there is backup power in the batteries and the water too can’t become cool rapidly.

Solar Water Heater
Solar Water Heater – Source


3.Solar Outdoor Lights


We always use outside lighting in lawn, right in front side of our homes in night, For this reason we can use solar outdoor lights directly, There are several types of companies that manufacturing solar garden and outdoor lights. We don’t need to wire from roof or from anywhere as these lights are already built themselves with panels and easily to place.

Solar Garden Lights
Solar Garden Lights – Source


4.Solar Indoor lights

We use indoor lights more time than outdoor lights, so we have to use solar energy for them compulsory and it will get benefited from thefts, energy saving, money costs too. There are two ways to use solar energy for indoor lights, one is connect directly from the solar panel to tube lights, which is connected to other equipment or use solar tube light, which comes with panel and battery too. My recommendation is to use solar tube light since it is convenient to carry and place wherever we need lighting.

Solar Indoor Lights
Solar Indoor Lights – Source



5. Solar Energy for Cooking

In the early modern days everyone has been using electricity stoves and Cooker for cooking food, but now it has came to end for such types. You can use solar Cooker or solar stoves which saves energy, decreases expenses and able to cook where there is no power, also it is useful while we journey far ranges.

Solar Box Oven
Solar Box Oven – Source


6.Solar Water Pumps


Water Pumps are ideally useful in every home for pumping water to roof tank and have to use every day, for this reason solar pumps are helpful and can run without electricity also some people need to lift the water from bore wells, Solar pumps saves a lot of energy than electricity motor pumps as you will notice from the day one.

Solar Water Pumps
Solar Water Pumps – Source


7.Solar Battery Chargers

There are several portable devices that we use daily in our home laptop, radio, cell phones and much more. For these small gadgets we can use a separate charger to charge these batteries and even we can use around home without problems of wiring.

Solar Battery Chargers
Solar Battery Chargers – Source


8.Solar Irrigation for Garden


In these days every house is surrounded by garden and we always grow fruits vegetables and flower plants in our garden. For irrigating to these plants most people are using directly water to these plants with the help of mug and those who have knowledge they were using Irrigation kits for the lawn. Latest Technology is to use solar irrigation kits for our garden to save energy, water and money as well. It’s better to use solar energy kits.

Solar Irrigation
Solar Irrigation


9.Solar Washing Machines


In some European countries Average of washing machines used by house holders is high. United Kingdom is already providing solar energy kits for Washing machines in London and it is not only saving energy, money, but also water that is more important and conserve for future use.

Solar Washing Machine
Solar Washing Machine – Source


10.Solar Room Heaters


Room Heaters are useful during winter and rainy season because of shivering, whereas you can also connect to the Air conditioner in the summer without leaving aside of this solar panels. Most of the buildings in US, UK are more than 30 floors for this reason room temperature will be very cool during rainy or winter season. There is one more methods like heat storage tubes, which store the heat during daytime and keeps the room warm in night from that tubes.

Solar Panels
Solar Panels – Source