How to use solar power in agriculture

Solar Panel Technology has become one of the best Power in the world. Every day we have been seeing water, petrol, coal, and gas is reducing because of economy increasing, however. We need to save water for future use and Rain fall too is not coming properly in stormy season. Residential solar panels helps you to save water in our houses by using sun power because sun heat will dry up the water in tanks and sources.

Solar panel technology can be best for farming, gardening it can work as automated for farming without workers and time. The most crucial thing it helps you to save time, normal water and power. Here are some of the methods that Solar Power can help in farming.

Solar Water Pump
Solar Water Pump – Source


Most farm owners have ended with their farming for insufficient water on time to their plants because of power is not available. In some locations power is not yet available the cost of electric bill towards power also increased as this became huge loss for farming,gardening. In the earlier years most people had used solar fencing for farming, but now we need to use all the things to grow crops. The most important money saver is motor pump which uses a lot of power energy for moving water from the well. In these days we know 12 v pumps in market, but companies already bringing latest solar power pumps for the user requirement. So use solar power pumps instead of electricity or diesel fuel pumps.


2. Solar Fencing for Agriculture

Solar Powered Electric Fence
Solar Powered Electric Fence – Source


Fencing is important for every crop as it will prevent from animals and buffaloes eating the crops. You can build a cheap solar fencing by getting materials from online. Use separate solar panel for solar fencing and it will be a be a wise decision for offering without disruption.

3. Solar Irrigation

In these day’s water is the major problem for agriculture crops and we already know sprinkler, drip irrigation products that save water. Installing solar drip irrigation kits can help saving water and energy. Basically there is no need for solar energy in growing plants, but it provides energy to start pump and flow into valves. thus solar panel technology can be used for Drip Irrigation as well.

Solar Irrigation
Solar Irrigation – Source


4. Solar water timer


Timer or Routers in farms are most useful to not waste time and crops, Sprinkler electronic timers are available in the market, but you can use solar charger to charge those battery power during the day or else get solar timer as these are too available in the marketplace. Solar water electronic timers work as same just like normal electronic timers without using electricity.

Solar Water Timer
Solar Water Timer – Source


5. Solar Lighting


The last thing is Solar lighting in farming as we see these days solar lighting come with their own solar panels, they can work for many decades. Some companies provide assurance for decades so check before purchasing any of solar products.


Solar Light
Solar Light – Source