Solar fence for Animals

Previously I had described solar fencing for vegetable gardens now talking about animals fencing. In most countries animals fencing is used and in this it is good for using solar fencing which saves fuel. Animal fencing is mainly suitable for sheep’s grazing, which is quite low cost and easily Here we use five or six strands for animal fencing so that it can be used for Horses cattle, pigs, sheep’s. This is also suitable for Large Agricultural farms.

Building the fence is the same as I described earlier just change the size of steel rods and strands of fencing wire since we are making Fence with more height. In the past we have used one earth wire, but at this point using 2 earth wires which are separately used, as this enables to work more properly and gives shocks to the animals if they try to jump or breeding outside the farm. Out of 6 wires all of them will get charged as the 2 wires will be earthed separately please look at the image below. This step has taken due to many reasons like sandy or frozen conditions.
An alternative way using electric poly tape strung with non electric fences to stop larger sheep farms from breaching or damaging farms. This electric tape strung at the top and bottom of a fence will avoid foxes or dogs climbing over it. Electric tape fixed near the Ground also helps to deter from climbing through or under fence.


Training to animals keeping fence in good position is wet the animals feet so they can get shocks or else these animals won’t get shock from solar fence because of their dry feet. Best to make Animals foot wet so that it is easier to electric earth through their feet. Once the animals get shocks and they never go front to that area, but in my case I can say always on the solar fence charger as seen most of Goats they go into the railway tracks here even the train passes they just hide at the ground. This obviously way to on the solar fence for few months, it is easy to understand them about the fence shock. Make sure some tricks to teach that sheep’s should not touch the fence and teach them too.
Finding the Solar Fence is working or not: It is easy with this solar Fence charger as it shows LED lighting which means Fence is working and you need not to test by touching or your animals just look at the light glow. If the light is fainter, then probably it may be shorted somewhere. You can also hear sound as clicking when you stand near the solar fence.

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