Drip Irrigation Kit for 10 Plants

We have specially designed Drip Irrigation kits for Garden, and this kit is for 10 plants. In this Drip Irrigation kit you can get everything, but without Screnfilter, Timer that will be important too.

I would suggest to you ask questions in the comment box or forums so I can answer what you need.

The kit has following components and you must read them.

Kit for 10 Plants

  1. 1. 12mm Main supply line Pipe-5 mtrs2. 4mm Feeder line Pipe-10 mtrs3. Drip Emitters-10 nos4. Feeder to main supply line connectors-10 nos5. Emitter Stakes-10 nos

    6. Dummy -5nos(For closing any unwanted hole in main supply line)

    7. Elbow connector12mm-(3)

    8. T connector12mm -(2) nos

    9. Straight connector with tap-2 (Stop supply to particular line)12mm

    10. Straight connector12mm-(1)

    11.End Cap12mm-(1)

    12. Water Tap Adapter-1

    13. Drip Hole Punch-1 for making holes

    14. Graphical Installation Manual

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