How professional landscaping could increase the value of your home

Having an attractive and interesting landscape will increase your home’s value. Potential buyers will increase their bid on a home that has beautiful curb appeal. Also, you’;ll love coming home to a newer, more attractive looking home. Continue reading “How professional landscaping could increase the value of your home”

Self Watering Spikes

An overview of Water Spikes :

Water Spikes are useful for Plants because they provide water straight to the roots while Drip Irrigation offers water only on the ground. There is a lot of distinction between Drip and water spikes Irrigation. These water spike not only provide water, but they are more useful for offering plant food where we need to protect from sunlight, in that case these spikes offer outstanding things. Continue reading “Self Watering Spikes”

Bottle Irrigation Method

This video shows how to irrigate the plants when we are far or unable to water the plants. I am still in confuse from this method because never did such type of Irrigation. The guy says plants drink the water when they need or else the water will be safe in the bottle as it comes for few days.


While using Water spikes we faced to water the plants for few days because of the air and the water was unable to stop from overflowing. Continue reading “Bottle Irrigation Method”

4 in 1 Instrument PH Soil Tester

4 in 1 (PH Value + Temperature + Moisture + Sunlight Tester) Plant Soil Survey Instrument

This Product is very useful for evey gardener as it helps to prevent from the PH nd sunlight etc. Plants always grow in neat condition when you test with this instrument. make sure every gardener should have one in their home.

PH Tester
PH Tester

1. 4 in 1 ground study device can test wetness of ground, PH value, heat range and atmosphere sunshine strength using a sensor / probe with the duration of 200mm. The unit can easily show various numbers with oversize LCD. Continue reading “4 in 1 Instrument PH Soil Tester”

Using a Worm Compost Bin

The worm compost bin is effective because of the composting capabilities that the worms do. In this method the worm is the core in composting the soil, and since worms have the abilities to help maintain the circulation of the ecosystem, it certifies the gardeners that it will be a mutual relationship between the plants and the worms. This is to say that, worms have its own course in tending the plants and other symbiotic living things in order for the ecosystem to work. Continue reading “Using a Worm Compost Bin”

Drip Irrigation Design Software

Designing for Drip Irrigation system is the best suggestion to make easier place for drip lines and control the flow of water. Torro’s Company offer a free software (Aquaflow 4.0) for designing Irrigation systems with ease methods. Using this Software any person able to design the drip irrigation system automatically and can be maintained with hassle free.

There are two ways to design the system using this software, or online by registering an account with Torros company and the second way is to install the software in our PC, laptops. If you want to use online without installing any software just click the link and register an account with them.

Continue reading “Drip Irrigation Design Software”

Top 8 Solar Power Generators

Solar Power energy is the best energy anywhere in the world. We all are getting more problems from the fuel, power due to the population increment.  These are top 10 Solar power Generators for the future use.

1. 600 watt Solar Power Generator

Larsen Electronics offers 600 watts Solar Power Generator  that built in USA. This solar power generator comes with compressor, two 265AH  8D Gel Batteries along with 295 watt Solar Panels. This Solar Power plant offers for removing  tongue and axies to easy carry and place where it requires. The product features are listed below: Continue reading “Top 8 Solar Power Generators”

Top 30 Advantages of Drip Irrigation

Drip Irrigation is one of the important things for human life to save water, money, time and pollution. Drip irrigation helps in several ways for gardeners and farmers to conserve water, money time too. Many farmers who hasn’t converted their sad life to happy life by getting into the Drip irrigation.

drip irrigation for squash
drip irrigation for squash – Source

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Top 10 Digital Water Timers for Irrigation

There are more digital water timers to discover in the market and most of them inquired me to which is the best one for their needs, for this purpose I am describing top 10 digital water timers that functions pertaining to longer duration according to the manufacturer quality.

1. Digital Solar powered Water Timer from Gardena

Gardena Company made solar water timer for gardeners and farmers as it is most Eco friendly with solar powered panel and batteries. People  often wish to lower your expenses and also period seeing that here is the best choice to obtain that timer. Continue reading “Top 10 Digital Water Timers for Irrigation”

How to get rid of Aphids

Aphids are small in pear shaped insects that lives on the new growth of the plants.


aphid peared shape
aphid peared shape

Aphids are little bugs that causes to destroy the vegetation. These aphids strike to the several plants rose, pepper, trees, house plants and much more. If one of the Aphid impacted to any of your home vegetation, then whole area get contaminated, therefore I recommend to you eliminate the impacted part or the place instantly by putting somewhere or tossing it outside. Continue reading “How to get rid of Aphids”