Amazing tips to grow tomatoes in pots

Growing tomatoes or vegetables in pots is very hard since the water doesn’t flow out of the pot easily and have to take care but drip irrigation methods can solve easily.I will describe here some steps how to grow them in pots.

If you are starting to grow from seeds then I will recommend to pour some seeds in one pot because once the seed grow into plant we can move it into separate pots as required for the plant. Once they started to grow plants it must be kept under sunlight or else use flouroscent light 18 hours. I recommend placing it directly under sunlight.

Bury the plant deep in the pot since the roots of tomato plant will grow through the stem so burying deeper it will be strong to the plant. Please take care when burying this tomato plants since it may break the stems.Cover the plant with dry grass or mulch because this can provide some cool to the roots and also save water drying from sunlight and air.

Once the plant has grown atleast 2 inches and start to remove the bottom leaves that are in yellow color since this give good strength to the stem also see the crotch joint of two stems since this will take energy of the plant away and this don’t help either growing tomatoes or flowers. Please be careful to find the crotch and branches of the stems.

Watering is the important tip his tiny plants and for long time fruiting. I recommend you to use drip irrigation system and this will provide enough water that the plant needed.If you are far away from your home try to use remote irrigation method. If you don’t have irrigation parts etc then you want to use normal way but careful to pur water only some not on the plant.

We are going to provide soon remote drip system with best quality and solar irrigation for mini plants.If you have any questions please comment below or post in our forum.