How to get Green Grass

Every house is surrounded by lawn and if one doesn’t have space, then your house is worse and keeps unhealthy which leads to end for your life. As we all know Eco-friendly environment is important for us to sustain happy living in the world. I had been providing more information about how to grow vegetables recently, but now describing how to grow green grass which help us be healthy. Walking on grass in early morning, which will give strength to our feet. Don’t use slippers or shoes to walk on grass as it avoids from grass getting healthy to our feet.

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How to get green grass that is another important thing to know before growing grass. There are several types of grass Ryegrasses, Bentgrasses, Fescues, Bluegrasses, Bermudagrass, Buffalograss, Zosiagrass, Centipedegrass, These are normally grown in the most of countries and cities to have a beautiful lawn. Buffalo grass can be grown at riversides or in waste areas since it is useful for only buffaloes as their food. Some people in their country use seeds to grow grass and some would buy grass from other countries, as this becomes costly and we have to follow the climate conditions in order to maintain our lawn.


Bermudagrass is one of the top growing grass, e.g. sports field which loves sun warming season. Bermudagrass can be easily grown from the Bermuda seed and creates great lawn, sports field, pastures and much more. Bermudagrass is best for the warm season growing grass and it becomes brown at the first clip in cold temperature seasons. If it is even more cold, then it would become more brown. At this stage everyone should use room heaters to warm this grass and grow nicely.
Features of Bermuda grass:


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Bermudagrass can be used Golf courses, football playgrounds and in green lawns.
Bermudagrass grows quickly from the seed, spreads around the area easily.
Bermudagrass is highly flexible and immune.
Bermudagrass is quiet good and pest proof based on types.


kentucky bluegrass
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Bluegrasses is another top turf grass in north America, which can be planted from seed or pieces of grass. Bluegrass requires some lawn care for growing fantastic and making the best sport lawn. Bluegrass grows from a seed or single plant and then the stems get their own roots, Thus every stem becomes an independent grass plant. By this method bluegrass can spread over a vast area in large. Bluegrass can live a long life which can be bought from Asia and European countries.

Bentgrass is a cheap grass which can be grown inside of a home lawn because it becomes very beautiful carpet like turf. Bentgrass too spreads just like bluegrass spreads through the stems. So few grass plants are enough for a home lawn to cover in a little amount of time. There are several types of bent grass depending upon the region. They are Creeping Bentgrass, Velvet Bentgrass, Colonial Bentgrass.

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Ryegrasses seeds are too bought from European country to America. They were planted all over the country as lawn, turf grass. These Ryegrasses are of two types perennial and annual. Annual Ryegrass is Eco-friendly and most popular grass for lawn. Perennial Ryegrasses are used for low maintenance lawns in winter and rainy seasons.

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Maintaining green grass:
Once we decided the grass to be grown or transplant grass in our lawn or company lawn, e.g. in gardens. We have to start maintaining it from the day one or else they will not survive for a long time.
Soil is the most important for growing anything even grass. If the soil is so much dried, then we need to make it wet before planting any grass. Plough the lawn and remove stones, waste materials from the soil and water for a week regularly so the soil, so it should become wet. Once it is wet use grass seeds or transplant grass which you bought from shops.

Sprinkler Lawn
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In some parks or near by houses we would have noticed that grass is grown only some parts of lawn and other sides it shows red soil. It even stops spreading the grass around the garden or lawn. This is because of soil condition and water maintenance. I have suggested some steps in order to grow grass.

Excessive water can damage grass also low watering for the grass is another problem, for this reason Rain gun has all features to water the grass and in time. It also adjusts automatic the length of water to be sprayed and distance. An additional thing is use a timer to wake on. There are several types of timers which save time, money, and water. Remote operating system would be perfect for any lawn maintainer. One can use either wireless or totally remotely operated system for saving valuable time.


sprinkler timer
sprinkler timer