How to make automatic watering system for plants

Today I will describe How to make automatic Irrigation water system for cheap and even it won’t cost you anything. This will be very useful for those who will travel far places or on vacation. This system doesn’t have any timers or pipes, but uses a 1.5 liter bottle
This is very easy to build, useful for those who wants to go on vacation having few plants only. This can protect surviving a plant up to one or two weeks depend upon the bottle size.
If you want to keep more than one week, then my suggestion is to get five liters bottle where we can see oil cans which made from plastic just like mineral water.

Please follow the steps below in order to build cheap drip system for plants.
1. Take five liters bottle and drill a hole of 5mm on the bottle cap.
2. Insert 5mm rubber grommet of 5 mm to the plastic cap hole, see the image.

Bottle Cap
Bottle Cap

3. Take 1metre in length of 5mm micro tube and connect one end to 5mm take off and the other end to Dripper.
4. Insert 5mm take off to the bottle cap and place the Dripper where the plant is. Make the bottle to be in upside position so the cap should be towards ground.
5. Fix the bottle to a stand or something so that it cannot fall down.
6. Connect the other end of 5 mm take off to the bottle cap and place the Dripper nearer to plant stem.
7. Make sure water should not leak anywhere as the water drop should be drip at the plant.

Similar method for two to three days automatic water system.

Take 1.5 litres empty bottle which comes from coca-cola clean the bottle with surf so that there should not be any soda or anything in the bottle.

Remove the cap and fill the bottle with water.

Heat a needle so that it should become very hot and in red. Once it is red insert it in the middle of plastic bottle cap. I will make a hole, but small should be done.

Keep the bottle cap back to the bottle, which is filled with water already.

Make the bottle should be upside down and place nearer to the plant just keep the cap one inch apart from the soil.

You saw water will not come from the bottle because it doesn’t have air. Insert a hole with needle at the bottom side of bottle, which is not on top as we made upside down position.

Water will start now dripping and it keeps on drip until the water is finished inside the bottle.