How to make cheap water system for garden

Gardening has become for everyone habit in these days. Many People does not water the plants in garden carefully and they throw water as much as or sometimes without water so the plant should die.
A real gardener always maintains the plants and study about them.
Gardeners always needs to look for cheap things as gardening won’t bring much profit unless it is built for business.

Building a cheap water system is easy for gardeners through Drip Irrigation. There are more ways to save money for your garden drip system. If you have water tank on the roof, then you can exempt for having motor pump. This will even avoid electricity bills, or if you don’t have a tank on roof, or you will not be able to place the tank on your roof, then I would recommend to get a small mini water pump or else solar operated water pump which can save power bills. Anyway let’s start How to make cheap water system for garden.

Take a paper and pencil or pen in order to write about your garden needs, first measure your garden length and width, note on the paper.
Count how many plants are there in your garden or want to put plants in your garden. If you want to irrigate for 50 plants, then I suggest get 50 Inline Drippers GPH that required for the plant. Get Atleast 5 nos of T, elbow and joiners which would cost around $1 for 10 items.
100 meters of 12 mm drip tape or you can even take 16mm according to your area that offers.

Spread this 100 meters tape where you planted plants or else want to plant. Just use elbow if you want to turn right or left at any side. Once the pipe is covered in garden close to one end with end stop, which is just like 8 number shape. Connect the other end of pipe to water tanker or pump that should capable to irrigate your garden.

Make holes wherever water is required with Punch tool that comes from Irrigation store shop. Insert Inline Drippers in that holes and adjust the Dripper the speed of water to the plant. If you want to run automatically I suggest that you get Frontier weekly timer, connect it to the main water connection which comes from water tank or pump. Program this timer whenever you want to water the plants.