Bucket Drip System

Bucket Drip system was one of the old method where pumps, filters are not required.This is very simple system just like our roof tanks connected but in this drip system we should make it connected tight so that the water should not be wasted. This Bucket drip system can be used for small farms like 100 plants or specially suited for gardens.

Let start the System how shall we make

.Drill a 16mm hole close to the bottom on a side of normal bucket or paint bucket.My Recommendation is use a paint bucket which can be used for longer duration and even we can top plate for this bucket so the dirt will not fall into the bucket.

After drilling the hole, insert a rubber Grommet in that hole so it can be fixed around that hole tightly and avoids from leak of water. Next use a 16mm takeoff and connect to 16mm lateral pipe on connector end and insert this other end inside this rubber grommet.

rubber grommet
rubber grommet

Connect 12 mm lateral pipe to the other end of 16mm lateral pipe using a 16 x 12 mm joiner. Spread lateral pipe wherever you have plants. Make sure this should be fixed in proper way also if needed stakes can be helpful. Punch hole on this lateral pipe nearer to the plant so water can reach to the plant. For turning like L or T shape connectors can be used if required. Close the other end of 12mm lateral pipe with Endcap.

Inside this bucket use a screen filter washer at the end of 16mm takeoff. Make sure you connect tightly so that it cannot slip form there or else instead of this 16mm joiner use an adapter to fix screen filter. Place the bucket on a table or some height as long as you provide more height the more pressure will come to the drip lines. A hole should be made to the lid so air should be passed into the bucket or else the water won’t come out of the bucket

This is an easy method for using a bucket or a drum type drip system. The parts are available on our store where you can purchase.In the part 2 ill be posting with more photos step by step methods and watch out our.