Container Drip System

I am writing this because of many persons had asked about container water solutions.Most of them who travel from one station to other station and don’t have time for watering to their plants.If this plants don’t get water for 2 or 3 days then they would die however i had earlier told automatic water system but that has brought some problems in using.Some even don’t know how to connect them or use.

Let start how we connect the drip tape for the containers and how to use them.At this time i am unable to post ready-made images but soon ill draw them and design for you all with step by step even their will e videos for you.

1.keep containers as you wish whether in lane or in circular or square shape as you wishes. the drape tape around this container and close the other end with the end cap

3.for getting an angle shape i mean like L bend or T bend you should use those type of joiners.they are available on our store which in beta now.

4.use stakes for this pipe so the pipe can stand and go as the way you needed also push this stake inside the soil for some deep like 4 inches.

5. use an Automatic timer or manual tap for your needs.From me i recommend to you use an automatic timer system.

6.Test the plants health and use pesticides etc whatever you might think.You can even run pesticides through your water system once in a week.I am planning to release such type of drip systems soon.

Some have told they had problems in using drip system that they need to water the plants all in a row.

an example

if you have 10 chilli plants and 10 tomato plants in a row then you have to water them all once and they get the same amount of water as chillies or tomatoes.If it is your situation then use drip emitters.If this could not solve your problem then i suggest to you use solenoid valves for every line that can switch on and off.

This pictures will be available in my next post that is part 2 .feel free ask any questions in our forum and i might glad to help you.