Orbit Digital water timer for garden and lawn

Orbit company has developed many solenoid valves controllers and this is one of from them. The part orbit 91213 one dial timer which connects for every day once it setup. The product has a large LCD display so it can be easily visible to everyone. This orbit garden hose can easily able to program and adjust and run.One can able to setup when he/she wants the water and how much time to flow.

Orbit Digital Water Timer
Orbit Digital Water Timer

This is an adjustable water timer with plus and minus symbols just like enlarge pictures.It is very easy to understand how we can able to setup and run the rain from orbit water timer.The upwards hose is connected to the main water and the downwards is connected for the outflow please read the instructions from the product when you buy so all products cannot have same methods but all can do this type methods.The component built in heavy duty materials and had weather proof supports one year limited warranty It requires two AA alkaline batteries which not comes with the product so buy separate.

An example how it works

how long plants need water

0 seconds to 1 hour or 2 hours 3 hours etc

When should wake up the timer i mean how often it should starts?

like every 3 hours or 6 hours 12 hours,1 day 2 days,like so on for 6 days in a week.

Orbit 91213 One-Dial Garden Hose Digital Water Timer