Which vegetable you won't eat?

There are so many vegatables out there which almost everyone enjoy to eat. But among all those vegetables, which one do you have marked out as something you would never eat for any reason whatsoever? Maybe you're allergic to it or anything, but you simply can't eat it.
Every vegetable is important for our health so avoiding any vegetable is missing something for you. I avoid most time snake guard, but in these days we are eating only the cost effective vegetables since I am a normal person.

The prices have increased a lot in the Corona days and currently too, if you are middle class family, then you can have what you want.

Every fruit is also important, but we won't get all the year same price, remember these things.


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I hate to eat Radish since it is more hot like chilly, but my parents as k me somehow to eat it. When I was kid used to cheat my parents and threw it outside however now I am seeing it is an healthier vegetable to us.