Sprinkler for Tomato Plants?

I imagine there are loads of knowledgeable people who follow this forum so you guys might be able to help me. I've been growing plum and beef tomatoes in a smallish patch of land this summer and find the water process tiring.

Can anyone recommend a sprinkler that would replace my work? :p


Try drip irrigation method than sprinkler and it is even cost effective.We are looking to make videos for all in order to know how they can be used.Feel free ask if you need anything to know.
Sprinklers are only suitable for leafy vegetables since they can keep fresh and healthy to plants. I too searched on internet why sprinklers are not used for tomato plants. Hope this helps if not then post here so someone will help you right.


Are you still facing the problem? Drip Irrigation is very cheap and it can be used in several ways to save time and money.
Sprinkler is to use split water while Drip Irrigation is useful to drop water at a certain place, so I would recommend to you use only Drip Irrigation that would be best fro tomato plants.


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I too suggest you to use Drip Irrigation kit and no way you can setup a sprinkler. Sprinkler is for large acres or to spray water on crops from a distance.
You can use Drip Irrigation or water spikes for small garden as they could save water while watering to the plants. Sprinkler is best for mint or other leaf vegetable plants that sprays on leaves and keep healthy.
There are 90 degrees to 360 degrees sprinklers and choose the one you needed.