Sowing Carrots

Asking a hypothetical question, not something I've actually done - I'm wondering how the following problem can be solved:

OK, there is a farmer and he planted 200 plants over 2 weeks. However, the problem is only 5 came up. OK, what is he doing wrong? Is it terrible seeds?

Anyway, other conditions of the problem involve the fact he planted them 1/4 to 1/2 below the soil and he kept the soil slightly moist.
Yeah, the problem might exists in seeds inserting into the soil is not a big problem. It should germinated atleast 150 seeds. I suggest the person to use next time germination tray that would be helpful to 100% success.
Germination tray comes with small cups that would easily germinate seeds into plants also we can able to use Manure or Fertilizer.

The problem exists with him as he must follow the steps according to the sowing timetable and planting. I suggest him that check with the seeds company and plant in a tray instead of soil. I got 90% of germination most times without hassle free. BTW what company seeds are used by your friend?


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We've planted carrot seeds by just sowing into the ground. Were there any other things you saw wrong? i.e. did the soil look different, excess of bugs?