Solar Drip Irrigation

Their is only a little difference in the power, that is we use DC instead of AC for running motor pump and opening Taps. My advice is never use normal pump for Solar drip irrigation as it cannot lift or water to the plants in a manner.

I trird with small water fountain, but this works only in hot sun also the AC gives a boost performance in the height of fountain.


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I will making one soon for the buyers and our members too that is more innovative to gardeners and farmers. It is simple just connect a solar panel with batteries a circuit and you are on the way to utilize solar energy.

Buy a small solar panel and test it if you want to know more details or tell us how many volts and watts with hours you need.
Thanks @admin for the Solar drip irrigation kit, however I might interested in automatic with DC current. Do you have Solar water pumps too? if so how much pressure can be obtained?