our plants

A plant completes its life cycle in one growing season, It will grow, flower, set seed, and die. A plant that lives for 3 or more years. It needs two growing seasons to complete its life cycle.


All plants are grown in large cells wedge-shaped or cylindrical plugs that most mail order plant vegetables. Plant height varies with variety, but 7.5 cm (3 inches) is typical (excluding roots). Grown in reusable plastic containers, the plants are removed in the hills just before they are packaged. The plants should be planted immediately. All our plants are grown by organic or untreated seed. Some varieties have changed due to the presence of organic seeds. The selection of varieties of plants have also been influenced by our experience with:
* Commercial organic producers in England .
* independent experiments NIAB (National Institute of Agricultural Botany) .
* store our nursery gardens and responsibilities of family and Friends.


All plants are growing in Michigan, from Michigan sources. We grow most of our native plants, wild harvested seed. This process ensures that our plant material regional Genetic diversity and better adapted to climatic conditions and soils of southeastern Michigan. We grow a wide selection of native species for a variety of habitats, from wet to dry, sun to shade.


A plant can survive for even more years, if we maintained properly. chances are only in winter and rainy season to die but if we did strictly then there is no worry. I had some plants from 5 years which is still growing.
If that would be a reason then there would not be available plants for years. I have seen some people are growing plants for years and still it is making their life happy.


Yep there are several plants like Gongura, chillies which are growing for years and people even getting free Food from them. I have seen here one person had grown Gongura plant into 8 feets, every two days he picks up a lot of leaves form the plant.