Is it possible to eat healthy AND cheap?

Which statement do you favor?
  1. Eating healthy can be accomplished by someone on a small budget with planning and economic shopping.
  2. Eating unhealthy food is unfortunately cheaper than healthy food. Only the rich can eat healthy.
My whole day eating outside…
°Breakfast~dosa (8:00am-8:30am)
°Mid-day~Seasonal fruits(11:00am)
°Evening~corn,fruit juice(5:00pm)


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Unhealthy food i.e. McDonald's IS cheaper, however, it's also not real food. The body cannot use the nutrients. It's why you cannot eat "just one" potato chip. The additives make them so addicting plus you feel run-down. My take on it is, Junk food makes me feel like junk.
Yes, real food IS more expensive but there are ways.
Buy in bulk. Shop at either Costco or Sam's Club. My parents have a Costco membership (we don't have one by us) so what we do is split the cost & the food.
Another idea is to think of how our grandparents used to cook. They used everything & didn't waste.
Have your own garden. Or if you can't, encourage a community garden in your area.