How to have a great lawn?

I manage my own garden, and I'm not having much fortune with it. The floor is very hard-packed so garden won't even develop in some locations. The floor maintains water prefers no one's company, so even though it's hard-packed, it's wet all the time. The ground has a higher clay-based material. It gets a lot of sun in some locations, hardly any in other locations, due to the route of my house and great barrier with the others who live nearby.I can crack up the floor and lay seeds, but then the floor will solidify and become simple again. In the sketchy locations, the garden is ruby and vivid, but the floor is wet and soft. In the sunnier locations, it is somewhat browned and the floor is wet but difficult. The whole garden is on only one watering, and I cannot discover a stability that will keep the garden in existence in all locations that doesn't also keep mushy/wet and hard/dry locations. I'm at my senses end! The garden used to be dense and amazing a few decades ago, but I don't know what's going on any longer.


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Yeah he might been needs even to use solutions for better growing grass.


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If you want a good and great lawn then use fertilizer and water to spray everyday. If you used high rich minerals, then this could really helps in growing fast grass.