Do some plants keep away pests?

Are there plants that really work to keep away pests like mosquitoes or even biting flies? I've read about some but I don't know if they really work.
Chrysanthemum, Basil, Lavender, Chives, Mint, Bed Bugs are some of the plants that keep bugs away from our plants. We see every home has a Basil plant here and it really avoids some insects around our area.
I think Basil plant is smaller or may not cover more plants. I've had a Basil plant that keep insects away and the butterfly always higher than the basil plant. You should also try with Mint as it also gives for cooking purposes.
We worship to basil plant here and it always looks healthy, but the other basil plant which is outside that looks unhealthy. Some homes were having only small size of basil plant that doesn't help for insects removal.
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